Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Her Secret Service by Liv Morris ~ Excerpt ~ A novella in the Forbidden Fruit Anthology Vol. 2

Her Secret Service
by Liv Morris
A novella in the Forbidden Fruit Anthology, Volume 2

“Jude,” she shouted his name, repeatedly. After Cammie’s orgasm ricocheted through her body, the tension released and she collapsed with a thud on the car’s hood.
“Lay flat and try to hold onto something,” Jude said. “This is gonna be quick and hard.”
Flicking open his belt, he yanked his zipper down, and drew his cock from the confines of his pants.  He pumped his erection a couple of times and ran it over her slit as he prepared to bury himself deep inside of her.
“Fuck,” he spit out. “I don’t have a condom.” They were packed away in his duffle bag. The last time he saw it, the senator’s driver was throwing it in the back of the black Escalade at Love Field. “You’re getting on your knees and sucking me off when I tell you.”
Cammie rose up on her elbows and licked her lips. “Fine, but my tongue will ruin you for anyone else.”
“Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” he asked as he plunged forward into her wet and waiting pussy.
He pulled her hips dead against him while she pushed forward. “That’s right, baby. It’s your turn to get me off.”
Back and forth they worked his cock in and out of her. Cammie reached forward to touch herself. Jude was in an erotic daze as he thrust into her. He hadn’t felt this kind of lust and desire during sex for years, if ever.
“Down on your knees with your mouth open.” His release was approaching so he brought his hands to her back and helped her sit up. She nodded and complied, again, without a word of protest. “Open.”
Her mouth was wide and waiting for him, so he plunged into her wet warmth. Her twirling tongue greeted him. She licked over his dick and sucked and pulled. Her speed increased, and he knew she was right, he’d never had a woman give him head like this before.
“Holy shit,” he grunted as he spurted long and hard down her willing throat. “Goddammit,” he whispered as he finished and slowly pulled out.
“Told you,” she said with glee. Wiping her mouth with the remnants of her dress, she stood and walked past him. Her little ass jiggling while her heels hit the garage’s concrete floor. 



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