Friday, April 11, 2014


Hello! As you already know my name is MiLo and I'm a newbie :).  I'm new to the whole blog world but I've been reading/reviewing for a while now.  I belong to a big blog page but I've decided to start my own page to personally talk about my latest "book boyfriend" so on and so forth.  This page is just newly built so please be patient w/me as I will fill it as I go along the world of FB and Blogging, etc.

A little something about me....  I've started reading again right after I gave birth to my daughter and Twilight was my poison of choice :D.  I was on the 3rd book already by the time the first movie came out, from that point I'm hooked again to the world of reading.  Other than reading I also do my own nail art :).

I'm currently a "stay at home mom" and to fill my time I started chatting up w/bloggers and authors on FB and that's how I started with my own page on FB aside from my own very personal page.  I've created a new one so I can seperate my love for books w/out being judged by others on what I read.

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Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy your stay :D

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